“We don’t know what we would have done without SOS- it literally saved our lives after our son’s suicide."

We were devastated when we lost our son to suicide- nothing could have prepared us for the shock, pain,  and heartache we experienced. After our first meeting with SOS we felt some relief and hope, knowing that  others had experienced this same event and they had survived the pain and heartache.” 

I had to go on living and the more I talked about my story and how it impacted my life, the more comfortable I  became with it. I was then able to begin to deal with it and the grieving process.” 

“SOS helped me so much... surviving a suicide can be a very lonely and isolating grief.” 

“After becoming educated about the causes of suicide, we were able to realize the extent of our son’s mental  illness.” 

“In SOS, I learned to stop blaming myself- it really helped me pick up the pieces.” 

“I am very much at peace now... through SOS, my wife and I have been helped to grow beyond this.” 

“This is a very important group... I needed SOS for my own growth.” 

"Thank God for SOS- I was a very lost and wounded soul."

"SOS saved my life and was there for me when everyone else disappeared. I am forever grateful."

"SOS has helped me through the most difficult time of my life. I don't know what I would have done without this group support that gave me strength and hope that things would improve."

 "In SOS, I learned that it wasn't my fault."

"Without SOS I know I would not be here today...I really was on the verge of giving up...SOS saved me."

"We will forever be grateful for SOS and its help during our initial steps in becoming a survivor of suicide."